Made for humans.

A new brand for a new way of working


The global pandemic of 2020 saw a dramatic shift in flexible and home working. Businesses were faced with disparate and remote employees working from bedrooms, sofas and kitchen tables. While in the short term this provided a solution of sorts, it became clear very quickly that this was not sustainable for the longer term mental and physical health of the workforce. The team at Made for humans saw an opportunity to create work spaces that would address these wellbeing issues, while being able to provide a solution that would have a positive environmental impact.


The team approached us with only their idea and concept. So we set about developing their name, brand platform and proposition. Our peer review and research identified a gap and opportunity in the market that could utilise the insights of what it was like to be a remote worker to feed into both the name and the verbal identity of the brand. Our role extended further into developing this approach for the website and sales material.


Our copy led approach allowed us to directly reference the benefits of the product as they related to the needs of businesses while addressing the issues of end users. Win, win! And so the name “Made for humans. “ was born. This was accompanied by a strong visual identity to reflect the uncomplicated and pragmatic messaging.