Positioning law's reputation advisors


Byfield is a successful Communications Consultancy that provides expert advice and support to leading legal firms and their clients around the management of their external communications and reputations.

Our challenge was to elevate the brand to support the consultancy as it continues its reach throughout the UK and other international markets. The team felt the existing brand identity and website did not reflect Byfield's new service proposition and how it wanted to position itself amongst peers. As well as a new identity and website we also recognised a need to create a clear narrative for the business to underpin future positioning and to provide clarity around its offer.


We interviewed external stakeholders to understand more about how they perceived Byfield and where they felt they added value. We facilitated a collective workshop with the SMT as well as two focus groups with the general team, this allowed us to capture internal insights and to also uncover the future ambitions for the business, its vision and the values they wanted to align to.


In the same way that Byfield’s clients provide legal counsel to their own clients, our insights showed that in turn, Byfield provides “Reputation Counsel”. This summed up the value the consultancy delivers, through the building, protecting and supporting of clients' brands and reputations. The new identity is confident and contemporary, and the website has been built around a clear and consistent UX design centred on the proposition of “Reputation Counsel”. The team were keen to participate in the creative process and commissioned their own photography of iconic legal and London buildings.