Helping Motorpoint to embed ESG throughout its business

"To enable the business to progress effectively with an ESG agenda, Motorpoint has partnered with Bright Space Communications [...] to thoroughly research the business, highlight opportunities and develop a formal strategy."

The FTSE Small Cap-listed retailer outlines in its 2022 Annual Report our role in helping the business to progress with its ESG agenda, namely:

  1. Research the business
  2. Highlight opportunities
  3. Develop a formal strategy

Motorpoint explains: "Step 1 was initiated and completed by the end of 2021. Research was conducted to understand the external context of our business and where we currently sit within the market. Bright Space also reviewed our internal strategy plans and risk registers before then conducting internal and external stakeholder engagement interviews. These interviews were further supported by an internal survey distributed around the business to understand the views of our people. The research highlighted ten key areas that hold significance across our various internal and external stakeholders. [...] The next year will see us continue to move through the steps of the roadmap."

Find out more about the five-step roadmap we defined for Motorpoint and the ten key areas identified on page 35 of its Annual Report - 38423-motorpoint-ar22-web-june-24.pdf (motorpointplc.com)

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