Our 2024 forecast

The Bright Space team has looked into the B2B crystal ball and shared seven predictions for the coming year.

1. Ingrid Brown, Principal

"A few years ago, I wrote a piece around corporate communications particularly for larger listed companies which I titled 'Nowhere to hide.' As more and more stakeholders take positive action against businesses that act without responsibility to long-term ESG commitments, I think we will see increasing exposure of these companies – especially as more stringent legislation around transparent reporting comes in. Every board needs to consider the role of a Chief Sustainability Officer and consider not just the reputational consequences, but also the long-term damage their operations are contributing to the climate crisis."

2. Ian Firth, Principal

"Value, value, and more value. Particularly for B2B, where historically communications to customers have centred on product features, the conversation will move to value creation.

We’ve seen for a while now a shift to a more customer-centric approach, and this will continue to gather pace as businesses appreciate how their purpose relates to the value propositions for ALL of their stakeholders."

3. Simon Slater, Specialist Adviser - Legal and Professional Services

"In the light of rapid developments in AI, the reinvention of the role of a professional adviser, particularly lawyers and accountants, will gather pace. The largest firms are already on the case and reviewing their operating structures and systems."

4. Lee Lam, Specialist Adviser - Start ups and Organisational Strategy

"I think that we will see more clients willing to work with smaller companies and smaller companies flexible and agile enough to take advantage of that.  So still a difficult year, but smaller businesses will feel more in control, and a great environment for start ups!"

5. Simon Rutter, Specialist Adviser - Employee Engagement and Strategic Internal Communications

"Investing in employee experience will become a non-negotiable for companies. People have more choice than ever when it comes to employment these days, so they will vote with their feet if you don't provide an environment for them to thrive in."

6. Beatrix Benz, Specialist Adviser - Healthcare and Life Sciences

"Honest, straightforward communication and messages will be essential."

7. Frank Neve, Specialist Adviser - Industrials and Communications

"Sustainable initiatives will reach a state of the critical mass needed to see that change indeed is happening."

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