What is the value of value?

Ingrid Brown

In our article for PM Forum's 'PM' magazine, Ingrid Brown explains the importance of being joined up and why building trust with clients and buyers proves you can deliver value beyond your products and services.

If it holds true that people only buy what they perceive to be of value to them, then communicating value should be the number one priority. So why do professional services find it tricky to define their value and talk about it consistently?

In this article for the Nov/Dec issue of PM Forum's 'PM' magazine, Ingrid Brown, Principal of Bright Space Communications, explains that while most firms have some idea of their purpose and the value that creates, the challenge remains in getting their purpose joined up with company communications, and then talking about it across all touchpoints in a cohesive way.

Our new benchmarking tool, Spotlight, helps to identify how joined up a company’s value messaging is. It also allows a business to understand the effectiveness of how it communicates its value and how it compares against competitors by providing a value index score against five key pillars that contribute to the growth of the business.

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Find out more about Spotlight here.

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