Purpose and brand for growth


When Plexus, one of the UK’s leading integrated legal service firms, became a standalone brand in 2017, only the Plexus logo was updated and not other aspects of the brand. Our challenge was therefore to review the current brand and recommend how best to align it cost effectively with the firm’s new vision, culture and values, as well as its future commercial and marketing goals​.


We worked with the team to further develop the firm’s corporate narrative, specifically to help articulate its purpose and support the firm's new growth strategy. This exercise provided a strong sustainable foundation for the Plexus brand and its communications and also provided the context for employees around why its vision and values have been created.  ​

Following a brand review, we used the findings and our recommendations to develop Plexus’ brand assets and create accessible brand guidelines. Together, these equip the marketing and communications teams with the right creative platform and tools to improve consistency and efficiencies.  

A new corporate website brings everything together and presents the new face of Plexus to its market and the stakeholders they need to influence and support.


Plexus now owns a visual brand identity that reflects the pillars in place to drive future growth and market positioning. Its technology, people and networks drive a clear UX journey and access to their extensive expertise and support.  

To help the marketing and communications teams implement the brand consistently, easily and autonomously, there is now a clear hierarchy and content structure in place for corporate, sector and technical communications.