Evolving the brand world for a global LPG leader


Petredec is the world’s leading trader, logistics provider, and distributor of liquid petroleum gas. It’s been five years since Petredec created its visual identity to support its ambitions for growth.  

In that time the company has successfully expanded its operations and now has recently created three distinctive yet interdependent entities within the business. The leadership team recognised the need to evolve and refine its brand architecture and create a suite of fresh visual assets to support it.  


We defined a clear brand architecture for Petredec Group, its three divisions and sub-brands while also taking the opportunity to extend further assets to support the Petredec brand world. This involved looking at photography, evolving the use of its original logo to support the new divisions, while at the same time creating a clear narrative and story around the Group entity. Part of the process has been to bring together the firm’s ESG story, so that it can be communicated and shared to meet the demands of with stakeholders while showcasing their commitments in this area.


With a new brand architecture, website and ESG narrative in place, Petredec Group has an exciting growth opportunity ahead and a solid platform to drive its future communications.  

To support the global team, we have also created a digital brand asset platform to help them easily store, share and distribute its brand assets to ensure consistency in all its regions.