Gerald Group

Presenting a metal trader's first Sustainability Report


Established in 1962, Gerald Group is the world’s largest independent and employee-owned metal trading company. For its first Sustainability Report, the Group wanted to present its ‘portfolio with purpose’, as the metals they trade are essential for enhancing quality of life and advancing the global economy towards a more sustainable future.

It was also imperative that the report embodied the paradigm shift and change in narrative that the mining and metals industry is experiencing: that the industry is part of the solution in helping to address some of the world’s environmental challenges


We worked closely with the Vice President of Communications and Global Head of Sustainability and ESG to define a detailed pagination plan for the Sustainability Report.  

As it was the Group’s inaugural Sustainability Report, it was an opportunity to ‘set the scene’ for its stakeholders and report the company’s progress on its sustainability programme, launched in 2021 with the establishment of the Board of Directors’ ESG Committee and the ESG team.

The objectives were two-fold: to share its progress with its 200+ employees; and to communicate how the Group’s sustainability programme is creating stakeholder value to date.

Guided by its sustainability policy, the report is written in reference to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Standards.


Gerald Group’s Sustainability Report represents significant progress in the Group’s sustainability programme.

“I am pleased to introduce Gerald Group’s inaugural Sustainability Report for 2022, the first iteration of annual reporting on our Sustainability programme designed to move the needle in advancing a more sustainable metals trade. Gerald has always balanced trading business and investment decisions with responsibility towards society and our environment. Now, we have built the formal framework, activities and reporting to match our ambitions.” 

Craig Dean, Executive Chairman and CEO, Gerald Group