Frank Neve

Specialist Adviser - Industrials and Communications

Frank is a highly skilled communications professional with a creative, yet analytical mind and an eye for finding solutions that appeal to all parties involved. Never satisfied with the status quo, he is always driven to identify opportunities to innovate. At the same time, he is not interested in communications for the sake of it (‘why starting the engine, without a destination?’). He truly enjoys the quest for simple solutions . . . and finding them.

Frank, being Dutch, collaborates in a direct and open, yet subtle way thanks to his 20+ years of experience in the international business world. He has worked with teams in Asia, the Middle-East, Africa, North & South America and across Europe from Moscow to London and from Hannover to Madrid.

Thanks to the rise of the home office concept, Frank decided to adopt Ray in the summer of 2021. Ray, a big, very friendly 13 year old dog, did not have a good life and was rescued by a dog shelter a year earlier. Ray is available upon request for special projects.

My Bright Space

Simple beauty. Alcina. Being 19 forever (partly).