Ian Firth


Nothing is more satisfying than being with a client at that moment when they get how an idea will work for them.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing that reaction in clients many times during my career, and I still don’t tire of it. It’s what gets me up in the mornings, that and a strong coffee. I see the work we do as problem solving. It always starts with “what do we want to achieve?”. The work comes in finding how we get there. I say “we”, as I don’t believe in a strict client  / supplier relationship. We are all on the same team. There has to be understanding and the freedom for all to challenge ideas and thinking from both sides.

A background of working across many disciplines and sectors has shown me the importance of insight to meeting the brand and communications challenges businesses face today. Insight gives us that lightbulb moment when an idea is born. An idea that brings your brand to life creates distinction and connects with audiences.

I believe too that you never stop learning. Each client brings new approaches, methods, cultures, products and personalities. Over time I have learnt to use the experiences from each in helping to create strategies that allow others to tell their stories in the most engaging way.

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