Joanne Nelson

Specialist Adviser - Fintech and IT

I’ve spent over 25 years working in large IT and Fintech companies, developing marketing strategies and brand positioning that is genuine, credible and resonates with customers.

I take great pride in enabling businesses to create standout in their market and helping employees to fall in love with their brand, live it and breathe it. Bringing my knowledge and experience to execute big ideas with given constraints is what I excel at.

I’ve been a Global VP Marketing for over 20 years which included having sole responsibility for re-branding the multi-million dollar global Communications Provider, Ericsson (then ranked 36th top global brand, Interbrand, Citigroup, August 2001) and managing the global corporate marketing function across 20 markets worldwide.

Now, I’m looking to pursue what I love doing in a different way. My strengths are in supporting clients to build out their own high-performing marketing teams - identifying key roles and responsibilities, teasing out a clear value proposition that can hold its own against the competition and ranks highly with what customers rate important, and taking that concept and helping to develop a high-growth strategy with effective digital marketing.

My Bright Space
Relationship-building across cultures and continents. Bringing new energy and change.