Lee Lam

Specialist Adviser - Start ups and Organisational Strategy

I have a depth of experience and knowledge in financial services technology due to COO / Chief of Staff roles across my career, that spans over 24 years and I have also run a successful coaching practice alongside this for over 16 years.  I am a blend of risk-taking, change-making creativity, with the security, safety and logic of a COO who can implement change and growth without any dramas.  

I am also founder of The UK’s Startup Partner, I have created a model that focuses on practical and strategic advice and support, helping business owners learn how to run their business so their operations build a solid foundation on which to scale.  

My own experience in senior leadership teams has given me a unique insight into leading teams and leading managers of teams. After working at senior leadership level to design an agreed upon strategy, I feel comfortable embedding these strategies into their operations and thought processes, understanding how to help them overcome any resistance or concerns that may reduce their effectiveness.

I have helped teams work together more effectively by seeing each person’s unique contribution to the deliverables and making the most of them, creating not only great results but engaged and motivated people.

My Bright Space
Disruption. Creative Innovation. Dogs.